Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday . . .

. . . .Everyone and I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I have had an EXTREMELY busy week. The Instructor at Monday Aquaerobics had asked me if I had any Christmas cards for sale. I took in what I had which were really our cards for posting overseas. I took in 26 and came home with only 6, and requests for 'more please'. It was good that my cards were so popular but it put me into panic mode as I now had no cards to post overseas and the closing date in this coming Monday!!! So guess what I have been doing all week? Yesterday morning we had a real team effort going on in the dining room. I was writing inside the cards and Harold was looking up and writing the addresses onto the envelopes (bless him). He has the most beautiful handwriting so the recipients will have a beautifully written envelope but my scribble inside the card. Anyway we got them done. I still have two more to make but will make the deadline with just a whisker to spare!! This little card is destined for my nephew, niece-in-law (?) and their 2 daughters and I LOVE it.It was hard for me to break away from the traditional styles and colours but I am soooo glad I did. Thanks to Debbie Dolphin (see my list of inspirations and go take a look at her site. Sure is gorgeous) for her inspiration and helpful advice on where to buy the greeting stamp. Well I'm off back to the craft desk to finish off. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
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