Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Looking Out or Looking In?

Hello Everyone I have two versions of the same stamp for you tonight. Do you prefer being on the inside looking out as in card one? Or do you prefer being on the outside looking in as in card two? Well I definitely prefer card one for all sorts of reasons. I think it looks much nicer AND it was MUCH easier to do. It takes hardly any time at all to sponge and stamp the snowy scene with Santa winging his way across the moon. On the other hand card number two took FOR EVER!!!!! The wallpaper and floorboards took quite a bit of working out and then the weatherboards of the outside wall took a LOT of patience and the little Christmas tree was a right fiddle to cut out!!! I really don't think that the finished result is worth the time and effort. I think this is a limited edition of ONE!!! Still life's like that sometimes isn't it? It has made me realise just nice card number one is. Thanks for stopping by today.  P.S I think I'll just go and add a bit of glitter to my Christmas Tree to liven it up a bit.
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