Monday, November 8, 2010

Triangles? Christmas Trees? or Pyramids?

What a busy little bee I've been tonight!!! I've had these in my mind for a while and cut the cards to take to the Christmas Marathon but ran out of time to do anything with them on that day, so I did them tonight, after my shrinky dinks. Thay are so quick to make and so lovely too. I love the vellum. I bought it in the UK when we were there. I should have filled my suitcases with it to bring back because it was very popular when we used it in a class a wee while back. Kate, at Sister Act, chased it and did manage to track some down for the ladies so that was good. Well I'm really on a roll with the QC department as these got the tick of approval too!! Must be my lucky day. I'm off to bed now so I'll say 'night 'night, sleep tight.

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