Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Pyramids

Hi Everyone sorry I've been AWOL for a few days but I promise I HAVE been busy. I taught a class yesterday so had things to get ready for that and I have a full day teaching at the end of the month with quite a lot of prep work for that. I've also been plodding on with tidying up the garden as we've had a pretty good week of weather so I hope that all explains my absence. I have made six more pyramids tonight - 3 with baubles and 3 with dear wee snowmen. They are nice and quick to do and I think they are pretty effective too. I have time for more crafting yet tonight as I am staying up to watch my favourite lady, Barbara Gray. She is on Create and Craft TV which a UK program and I watch it through the laptop. She is on once a month from 11am until 1pm Sunday lunchtime UK time which means that it is 12 midnight until 2am here!!! Well worth staying up for. Talk to you next time I have something to Blog.

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