Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kate's Christmas Card

Good Morning Everyone and it's a lovely sunny one here in Upper Hutt. Sadly I am still suffering with my back so I don't feel as bright as the morning is. Never mind - feast your eyes on this card which arrived in the mail yesterday. Isn't is just the cutest, bestest card you ever did see? I just love it.  You will see from the post title that it is from Kate (from Sister Act shop). Lots of work because I think she had to position all the elves hersELF (LOL).  Thanks Kate it will have pride of place.  Right I'm off in the shower.  I am going out to lunch with the Nifty Fifty Ladies today so I need to make myself look half decent.  Trouble is I can't bend and so it takes me forever to do anything and my Number 1 helper has gone to play golf today.  He is coming home early to drive me to the restaurant bless him.  He has been so patient with me this week.  Bye and thanks for looking.
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