Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Hi Everyone. I should have thought to post this earlier in the week. These are the cards we made last Sunday afternoon at Diane's Christmas Card Make. I'm sure you'll agree they are all real cute. The second piccie is a cute wee box and a couple of gift cards to fit inside (not for long though because I will almost certainly be using them VERY soon!!) It was a lovely afternoon and special thanks to Diane - especially as she was just starting with a strep throat which has gotten worse as the week has progressed. Hope you feel better soon Diane. Right - I'm off to write Christmas cards!! Harold is putting up the Christmas Tree. He started yesterday but struck a problem with the Fairy Lights. Isn't there a saying something about 'You can tell a lot about a man by the way he handles wet holidays and tangled Christmas lights' Well ours wern't tangled but I have to say he passed with flying colours and now we have WORKING Christmas lights again. Bless him. Have a great day in our beautiful NZ sunshine. If you are in the UK keep warm and stay safe if you have to go out. Talk to you next time and thanks.
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  1. Bonus, now I know what to do with the little box, you have displayed them really well and they look great. Thanks for posting them.