Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Slowly (very slowly) does it

Hello Everyone out there in Silly Season. At last I have something to post - a few completed things to post in fact. Everyting is so PAINFULLY slow at the moment but I'm getting there. I even managed to dress myself this morning - mind you I had to wait for my lower legs to dry off naturally after my shower. Oh and that's another big step forward - I managed to shave my legs this morning which I have to say were disgustingly hairy having not been able to manage that wee job for well over a week!!! (I'll let you into a little secret - I used the bidet to soap and shave my legs!!!) More than one way to skin a cat as my Mum would have said!! ANYWAY - over the last little while I have been working away on these tea-light books/cards which I have to say I am very pleased with. I drew the template for the wee box holding the candles which took a little while to get it so that four candles fitted in snugly. Then it was just a case of trawling through my stash of papers and embellishments to find the right combinations. I have completed 3 thus far. I have photographed them all but Blogger as only brought through these 4 at the moment. When I have posted this I will check where the others are and post them separately so you can see the variations. These are going to dear friends this Christmas with the usual ingredients of love, hugs and kisses but an added ingredient this year is a pinch of pain!!! LOL I hope all your gift making, baking, wrapping etc is all going to plan and none of are starting to feel the pressure. If so take 5, make a cup of green tea and breathe deeply for about half a minute. Deep breaths are scientifically proven to be calming - something to do with extra oxygen to the brain!!! Right I've sat down long enough (not allowed to sit down - physio's orders) so I will have a quick look for the other photos and then have a walk down to the post box. Thanks for looking today.

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