Monday, December 6, 2010

Trent's Birthday Cake

Apparantly it's called an Omnitrix!! and it's what our dear wee grandson wanted for his birthday cake this year. He turns 9 tomorrow and we are going up (to Levin) to pick him up from school as a surprise. In fact he thinks that I forgot all about his birthday. He rang me tonight and asked me if I had forgotten something. His Mum and I had jacked it all up that I would pretend to have forgotten. I acted devasted and he was such a sweetie and told me not to worry . . . it didn't matter. I pretended that I would go up at the weekend and see him, so his wee face will light up when he comes out of school and sees us there. I have some party hats etc so we can have some fun together. He is having a sleepover at the weekend with his friends so two parties can't be bad when you're just 9 can it?
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