Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa in the Forest

Hi Everyone I am pleased to report that my back is much improved and so I am feeling a lot happier. I have been plodding on with my remaining cards and gifts but can't blog some of them yet because of spying eyesseeing them before Santa Day. This one however I can show you. It is a tunnel card and it's for my husband. I bought the template whilst we were in the UK mid year but only just got around to trying it out. I am well pleased with the result. I am pretty sure everything in this card was bought in the UK!! The background paper, Fir tree stamp, 3D Santa and 3D Poinsettia and Christmas tree - Yep all UK purchases. It was pretty easy to do and just that bit different from a basic card. You can see from picture number 2 how it looks from the side and pictures 3 and 4 are close ups (if a bit blurry) of the flower and tree which are 3D Peel Offs. How cool are they? Right I'm going to get lunch ready and then make shrinky dinks this afternoon so I may be back a bit later. Thanks for looking.
P.S Oh I followed a Blog Hop the other day. It was the perfect activity for someone with a sore back on a rainy afternoon. I propped myself comfortably on the bed with my laptop and off I went. It was so much fun and WOW what stunning work. If anyone is interested it is done by the Whiff Of Joy Design Team and starts here  Allow plenty of time 'cos there's lots to see.  Sooooo good. Such talent.

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