Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Well it's the morning of Christmas Eve here in NZ and Everyone will be busy, busy today.  Mothers will be buying the fresh fruit and veges and then doing as much of the preparation for tomorrow as they can to ease the task.  Children's excitement will rise to a crescendo as the day progresses contemplating just what Santa will deliver tonight.  Personally it is very strange.  For the first time in 45 years I am NOT preparing Christmas dinner for my family and it makes me a bit sad.  Our youngest daughter and partner are away on a cruise and out eldest daughter (and grandchildren) are spending Christmas Day with her in-laws (we had Christmas Day last year!)  So Harold and I are going out to an hotel for our Christmas dinner.  It means I have no real schedule to work to and that is throwing me off the rails a bit.  No list to tick off as I complete tasks.  I know I should be relishing the 'no stress' factor but I am just a wee bit sad as it is the end of an era for me and my family. We are going to spend Boxing Day with pur daughter and grandchildren so we are looking forward to that.  The main ingredient of Christmas, for me, is CHILDREN.  Anyway I have a card to make today for my wonderful husband  and I'll post that after the event but really I just want to say a big thankyou to all of you who have visited over the past year.  I do appreciate it and hopefully 2013 will bring me an un-interupted crafting year so that I will have more posts for you to enjoy.  In the meantime have a happy and peaceful Christmas with your families and loved ones.  Take care if you have to travel at this busy time of year.  May 2013 bring each and everyone of you good health and happiness.  Christmas hugs to you all.  Elaine (aka Crafty Granma).

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