Friday, December 21, 2012

Three More Tags

 I really love making these oversize tags and the people I have given gifts to with one of these attached have loved them too.  They really are a miniature work of art.  I think I have set a precedent for future years just like I did with my calendars about 7 or 8 years ago . . . .and so a tradition starts.  I still have one more tag to do and then I'm done with All Things Christmas for 2012!!  My Two Favourite Little People went home today having been with us since Tuesday.  We picked up their Big Sister from the airport on Tuesday too and she has been with us until today too.  She is just home for Christmas and goes back to Oz on Jan 2 but will probably be home for keeps in April.  It has been soooooo lovely having all 3 of our Grandchildren here together.  That doesn't happen very often at all.  Now I can have a few days cleaning the house up ready to enjoy the Christmas/New Year break.  I hope you are all coping well with this busy time and finding just a little time for yourselves.  If you have found time to visit today then I truely appreciate it.  Thank-you.

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