Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apologies for Yesterday

Good Morning Everyone(Anyone)  I do have to apologise for condeming our summer to the past yesterday.  That's what comes of doing a post earlier in the day.  The sun came out and the day actally turned into the hotest of the summer by far.  By early afternoon we were looking for somwhere with a bit of breeze to cool us down.  Even the lunchtime cool down swim was short lived.  Not that I'm complaining you understand.  We need more summer days to build us up in readiness for later in the year.  Anyway I'm off out this morning so a very quick post.  I made this last night for our beautiful granddaughter's partner's 21st (work that one out!!!) which we are going to on Saturday night.  Once again inspired by Michelle Zindorf.  I don't have a skateboarder stamp so I sourced a silhouette picture from the Internet (what would we do without it????????), printed it off, cut it out and stuck it onto my brayered background and Hey Presto!.  I do struggle with male cards.  Seems to be a common complaint amongst us.  Anyway must go.  Thanks

1 comment:

  1. Thats so cool, I love that stamp, good for the young male.
    Your xmas cards are great ,those stamps look great, keep on posting!