Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Summer's Over :-(

Well it's back to a gloomy old day here in Upper Hutt but at least it's not cold.  I've just come back from my morning bike ride and at lunchtime we'll be off  for our swim - first time back since the Christmas break for my husband.  He only joins me on Wednesdays as the other days he is on the golf course.  Anyway I digress - I have two Barbara Gray (Clarity Stamps) inspired cards today.  She taught me how to do these cards via her DVD and I have taught this technique (with Barbara's blessing I must add!!!) several times at the craft shop.  It is one of my favourite techniques and never fails to get a 'Wow' when I demo it in class.  Barbara is such a neat lady and her DVDs are great 'cos you can rewind and reply as many times as you need to until you get it right.  I have met her several times at the All England Stamp Show held at Newbury Race Course in July each year.  Her stand is always one of the busiest.  Clarity stamps are clear, see through stamps which make this technique much easier BUT I also demo to my classes that you can use wooden mounted stamps for the technique, you just need a stamp positioner to help you get the images in the right place.  A brayer is the other essential tool for these reflections.  If you are going to get one I recommend buying a Speedball soft rubber brayer.  Simply the best!  I'm off before I burst into a Tina Turner song.  Bye and thanks for visiting.

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