Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Bird in the Hand . . . .

. . . . is worth two in the bush or so the saying goes.  Well I only have ONE in the bush but I think he is lovely.  This is another from my photo files as I am experimenting at the moment and don't have a current card to Blog.  Hope you don't mind(?)  I VERY subtly sponged the background sky with a 'rough' textured sponge (if you know what I mean.  I do have some 'smooth' textured sponges too) and this gave exactly the impression I was after. I made the sponging darker at the right hand side as this is where my bush is going to be so it needed to be darker to give depth to my bush later. Then I overstamped my 'branches' (which is actually a ferny leaf) in blues and greens both first and second generation impressions to add to the illusion of depth in my bush.  Then stamped my birdie on a branch and coloured/painted him with my Marvy/Tombow markers (or whatever brand you have).  I scribble the marker onto the tin lid of my marker container(plastic plate, scrap of acetate,  ceramic tile etc) and pick up colour from there with a damp, fine-ish paintbrush. When my image was WELL dry I added a few highlights (eye, beak, tail feathers,leaves) with a white gel pen.  If you're new to white gel pens let me tell you they are great but you need a little patience.  The first time I tried mine I thought 'what a waste of time that was' because nothing showed up at all and I went off in dissappointment.  When I returned to my desk later on WOW!!  You see they just need a little time to dry and work their magic on your artwork.   I have two or three diferent kinds. (Actually I've just checked them and I have FIVE!!!) Four of them are by Sakura - 2 called Glaze, 1 called Souffle and 1 called GellyRoll medium.  These work fine but my FAVOURITE is Hybrid Gel.  Give them a try.  You'll be surprised how a few highlights make your work POP right off the page.  Thanks for stopping by again.

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