Thursday, January 20, 2011

Secret Garden

Good Morning Everyone and welcome back to my Blog. This card makes me think of a secret garden and that takes me right back to my childhood. The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgon-Burnett was the first 'chapter' book (as my grandchildren call them) I read. My eldest sister bought it for my birthday when I was 7 years old. That makes it a pretty old memory but it is certainly a lovely memory. Anyway this card is for our dear friend Len in the UK. Len and Harold started work together way back when..... Gosh I'm really going back today arn't I? I'll be time travelling next LOL!!! The tree trunk/root stamp, the stone path and the secret door are all new stamps from the lovely Lavinia range, the leafy tree branch is from I.S.C stamps and the little grasses along the bottom of the wall etc is from Clarity Stamps. All very favourite companies of mine. (I have three new stamps from I.S.C which I've had for a wee while but not had the right occasion to use them for yet). Hope you all have something nice to do at somepoint during the day today - me? I'm off for a swim this morning and walking with my friend Di this afternoon so I certainly have nice things to do. For those of you who are working people - hang on in there the weekend is only just around the corner and if you live in the Wellington province of NZ then you have a long weekend as Monday is Wellington Anniversary Day. Enjoy!! Thanks for visiting today.

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