Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tri Shutter Card

Hello Everyone. It's a hot, humid and sticky day here in Upper Hutt. We have had black clouds all day but not much rain but I'm glad to say that in the last half hour it has started to rain quite steadily. We certainly need it as we have vitrually had none this month/year at all. I bet the poor people of Queensland wish that was the case for them. Anyway I was home by myself for most of the day and busied myself with this, my version of a tri shutter card. It is mark II as I wasn't happy with the way mark I was looking so I threw it in the bin and started over. This time I am much happier. I like the pink and brown together and I just had one of these pink flowers left and was glad I had bought the brown version as well. I was chuffed with myself for doing the sentiment on the computer. That's two in the last week (the Congratulations post had one as well) Young Rachel Critchley over at Critchley Creations has a great tutorial on how to do them. It takes a wee while but each time I try I get better and don't have to look at the instructions as much and they are SO worth it. I thought that this would be a nice project to teach to ease us back into classes gently. Hope your week is going well. Thanks for looking today.

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