Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another beautiful day . . . .

. . . .in paradise. It's just gorgeous here again. The sky is soooo blue and the sun is shining making it very warm outside. Summer is trying to make up for lost time I think. It is really far too nice to be inside but I felt a slight stirring in my Mojo this morning and completed this before going for my swim at lunchtime. I have been researching handmade flowers recently. I have decided to put together a class making several different kinds of flowers and see what it turns out like. There are some great tutorials out there on the Internet (where would we be without it?) The roses at the bottom right of this card are my first attempt. (Don't say "Yes I can tell" because that's not nice LOL) I think the double sided card is perhaps a bit too thick so I have tried some with copy paper. They were certainly easier to model so perhaps I'll do some more, but flash them up a bit next time. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you too have a lovely day where ever you are
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