Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where Did That Week Go?

I can't believe a week has gone by since I posted something and I don't have much to show you either. I have been busy - honestly I have. I have been writing and testing class instructions which takes forever. I have also been watching The Olympic Games on TV. I love my sport so I have been enjoying that. What else? Well on Saturday a dear, long time friend who deserted these shores for Aussie some 30 years ago came to visit with her husband and the four of us had a wonderful couple of hours catching up over scones and a cuppa. Sunday I drove up to see our eldest daughter and our two youngest grandchildren (8 and 6) so that was a delightful day as always when I see them. Then yesterday I met our eldest grandaughter (20 and sibling to the other two) in Wellington and we went to The Anne Frank Exhibition at Te Papa and then had lunch together and a good chat. She is great and I am so proud of her. She starts uni next Monday studying early childhood education. So here we are a week on. These two cards are an experiment with shadow technique. It is much easier to do with clear stamps but it is still possible with wooden block stamps and a stamp positioner. So nothing exciting to show you but I am still working at my desk so I might manage to come up with something this afternoon. If I do I'll post it later. Thanks for visiting today.
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