Thursday, February 11, 2010

Washi Paper Quilt

Well it's only mid afternoon and here I am posting today's effort!!! AND I was at the pool all morning for my swim and then Nifty Fifties aquaerobics, Oh I am feeling so self righteous. I can just hear my Mum saying 'Pride comes before a fall my girl!' and she was usually right so I'd better get on with it. Am I pleased with this card? Yes I am. It takes a little while but it is quite soothing making the sixteen little 'pillows'ready for the assembly. The hard part is choosing which gorgeous washi papers to use. I think the next one I do I will use pretty pastel papers. I think this could/would be a good technique for a class. It is certainly different and I like different things. It stops us getting in a rut and always doing what we are comfortable with. Step outside your comfort zone every now and then. Don't think I'll talk to you tomorrow as we are going on a coastal walk which takes up most of the day. I hope the weather plays it's part as the tides are just perfect for doing the walk. I'll probably talk to you again over the weekend. Make sure you enjoy the weekend especially if you are a worker. Bye for now.
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