Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lovely as a Tree

Another busy day nearly over but I've just got time to post this before bed.  This is my evenings work.  Don't you just love trees?  How many tree stamps have you got?  Dare you tell or is it an embarassing number like me?  For some people it's shoes - for me it's tree stamps.  So, I used two different ones on this card - or rather I used one and part of another one.  I over stamped them after creating the background with my brayer and torn paper.  Check out the verse inside.  Doesn't it almost bring a lump to your throat?  I love this poem.  The card is for my husband's cousin who spends lots of time outdoors tramping and climbing so I thought an outdoor scene was appropriate.  I hope to have something really different to share tomorrow.  I sent away for the instructions and they arrived today so I hope I get time to play tomorrow.  Call back then and see if I succeeded.  For now though 'night 'night and sleep tight all those of you on my side of the world.  Have a good day if you are on the other side of the world.

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