Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wet and blustery . . . .

. . . .today.  We didn't get to do our coastal walk yesterday either because it was wet so we went to the movies instead.  We saw My Sister's Keeper.My friend Di was a complete emotional mess by the end.  I managed to hold it together for most of the movie.  Just twice I had a weep.  A good movie even though they did change the end.  More wet weather today but with strong winds as well.  My husband played Interclub golf - the first match of the new season so it certainly wasn't a good day for that.  Whilst he was away this little mouse had a good play!!  Again something a bit different, from one of my many magazines.  We are fortunate to have a glass etching shop where I live and the lovely lady there GAVE me two pieces of sandblasted glass to have a play with.  Wasn't that nice of her?  I have promised to take my creations back to show her.  You get to see creation number one before her as she doesn't open on Saturday. As I told you it is done on a piece of sandblasted glass and I worked on the rough side.  I tore myself some hills from scrap paper and used the torn paper to mask off the lower portion of the glass while I 'painted' the sky with a Brilliance Ice Blue pad.  I set the ink with my heat gun and when the glass cooled down I added more ink, repeating the process until I was happy with the colour.  I used the hills mask again to protect the sky and 'painted' the hills with a Brilliance Copper pad.  I then 'painted' the very bottom of my piece with a Brilliance Ivy Green pad.  Each time I heat set the ink and kept adding layers until I was happy with the colour.  I had worked out my stamp placement ahead of time by doing a mock up on scrap paper so then it was easy to use Timber Brown Staz On to stamp my tree branches, butterfly, verse and grasses in place.  I found a little bee charm in my stash and attached him with Dimensional Magic.  I cut two pieces of 4mm dowel slightly wider than my glass.  I twisted gold wire to make a hanger and attached it to the top dowel holding it in place with Dimensional Magic.  With the bottom rod I just added twisted gold wire at each end and added a little butterfly charm onto one of them.  The butterfly was silver so I rubbed him on the brown Staz On pad and heat set the ink before attaching him.  I used Dimensional Magic to attach the rods to the top and bottom of the glass.  You do need to be patient and give one time to dry before attaching the other one.  You also need to be patient after heat setting things otherwise you will have burnt fingers.  Ask me how I know!!!!!!!

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