Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Japanese ?

Hello again. This is my creation for this evening. It has a Japanese feel about it to me what about you? I used my brayer and sponging to get the effects I wanted in the right places. It was a nice project to work on and the orange sky has made me think about an African safari scene. I have an Acacia tree stamp (2 in fact)so I might just do one of those whilst I'm in the mood. I'll probably talk to you tomorrow but Thursday is a busy day for me as I have swimming and aqua aerobics (known as Nifty Fifties) in the morning and then I walk with a couple of friends in the afternoon so not a lot of spare time. We may also go to the movies tomorrow evening to see Shutter Island so I'll just have to see how my time goes. Hope you all had a good day today.
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  1. Wow Elaine!! This is jaw dropping gorgeous!