Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mid Week Post

Sorry for no postings (if you care) but I have still been getting things ready for this Saturday's classes.  I like to check and re-check to make sure all is well and I have everything needed ready to go into my crate to take to the shop.  Saturday afternoon's class is Patchwork Cards which I posted some little while ago on here.  I got the project from the English magazine Craft Stamper.  Lovely as the cards are, as I wrote the instructions I got to thinking that there must be an easier way to create patchwork cards.  So I gave it some thought and have come up with these cards which look just as lovely (I think) and are certainly much easier to create.  I will show these to my ladies (11 of them!!) on Saturday but not until AFTER they have worked hard (and possibly torn out their hair) on the other ones!  The Windmill card I have made with a coloured centre patch and then again with a black centre patch.  I think I probably like the coloured patch best but it a close run thing.  The beauty is that after cutting up the lighter patches you have enough triangles left to create another card.  Lots of combinations possible if you give it a little thought.  A good idea is to draw up a grid on some scrap paper and colour in triangles to create different patterns and then re-create them onto cards.  Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. That is just gorgeous and Yes I care,I love looking at your posts!