Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kasha in Green

Kasha is the name of this stamp and she is one of my most favourite ladies in the whole entire world (as my two little Grndchildren would say) She is a Clarity Stamp (as are all the stamps used on this card) designed and made by Barbara Gray. The card is a copy of one of Barbara's which she tells how to do in her book Handmade Clear Stamped Cards. The design down the left hand side of the panel is made using one of her Clever Corners stamps. Each medallion is made up of one corner image stamped 4 times. So cool! It takes a bit of practise (like most things) but with a bit of patience and perseverance the results are very rewarding. At last count I think she had 120 different Clever Corner designs so there's sure to be something you like. I stamped Kasha onto the panel and then again onto a piece of white copy paper. I used her Trailing Vine (which was designed to match up with this particular corner stamp) and the corner stamp too to stamp the design on Kasha's dress and hat (I used second generation ink so that it wasn't too dark. That is I inked the stamp and stamped it onto scrap paper BEFORE stamping it onto the dress to make her designer fabric. Or as Barbara puts it INK, BLOT, PLOT!) I then cut out just the dress (chop off her head, neck and legs) and glued it onto Kasha stamped on the card panel. Don't throw away the severed head because you want to cut out just the hat and stick that onto Kasha on the panel too. Colour in her shoes and collar points and she's dressed. I drew a green line around to form a frame and then I masked off the panel and stamped the Trailing Vine all around the edge. This makes it look as though the panel is mounted over some designer paper - which just happens to match Kashas dress! How cool (and easy) is that little trick? Hope you like her as much as I do and I hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Thanks for looking.
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  1. Yes I do love the stamp, shes beautiful and that is a beautiful card, I love the green.