Thursday, March 11, 2010

African Plain

Good evening Everyone. This afternoon's artwork whetted my appetite for more Stampbord miniature artwork so I used the larger of my two acacia tree silhouette stamps and tried to create an African safari plain. I think I would have liked my sky to be a bit more orangey but I was too scared to do it in case I messed it all up. (How many times have I done that! Put in all the work and then stuffed up with the last touches!!) On the whole I am quite pleased with it and will keep it somewhere safe to create a card with when I need one sometime in the future. It would make a good male card don't you think? They're always a problem to come up with interesting and different ideas for aren't they? I have done all my March cards and don't have any April birthdays so it may be a while until I actually need it. My two favourite Little People are coming to stay for the weekend starting tomorrow evening. That will keep me on my toes so I'm done for today. I'm off to brush my teeth and jump into bed with my book. 'Night 'night.
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