Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Country Cottage

Well now this warrants getting a bit more excited about don't you think? It took me all afternoon but it was sooooo lovely to do. Very theraputic once I got going. I recently bought Barbara Gray's 4th DVD and this is one of the projects on it. So, I set myself up on the dining room table, in front of the TV, played the DVD and worked along with her pausing when I needed to and continuing on when I was ready. It was such a nice afternoon, I tell you I can't remember such a nice afternoon in a long time and I am absolutely thrilled with my piece of art. I haven't mounted it up yet. It is just sitting on a piece of chocolate chip coloured card. I will keep it with my other large pieces and decide later if I will make it into a card or frame it and give it (or keep it tee hee!!) as a picture. I'm off to find another project to do (after I have done the dinner dishes!! Yuk!) Thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Wow something to be proud of Beautiful I recently watched the program that Barbara demonstrated this on and loved it seeing yours again has got me thinking I would love to try