Friday, March 19, 2010

Over the Hills . . . .

. . . and far away. That's just where I felt like going today! I think it was Elvis who sang 'D'ya ever have one of those days boys, when nothin' goes right from mornin' 'til night? D'ya ever have one of those days?' Well I certainly did today. It was such a beautiful day outside too. Maybe I should have gone out in the garden instead. Everything I tried at my craft desk today turned into a disaster, everything. I tried new things, I tried things I usually can do with my eyes closed, I tried all kinds of things and I didn't like any of them. My waste paper basket beneath my desk badly needs emptying after today. Finally I managed to produce this post, which was half decent, to show to you all. I used the Direct To Paper (DTP) technique to 'paint' my little picture which made me think - over the hills and far away. Right I'm off to bed with my book before I do any more damage!! Thanks for stopping by.
P.S Tomorrow afternoon about a dozen of us are having a get together for an afternoon of stamping fun run by my friend Diane who is a Stampin' Up Demo so I am looking forward to that. Maybe I'll post what we make tomorrow night. Sleep tight.
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  1. Gorgeous hope you had a nice day with your stamping friends
    Wendi x