Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flower Project Number 2

Wow! Twice in one day!!I haven't done that in a while. Panic is setting in a wee bit now with only three weeks and two days left and SOOOO many thing to get finished. Anyway I can tick another one of the list with the completion of this card. I thought it out in my mind whilst I was swimming up and down the pool this morning doing my lengths. It turned out exactly as I had it in my mind's eye (that doesn't always happen now does it? Be honest!!) and I am pleased with it. It is still early for me so I'm off back to my desk to start on project number 3. Don't think I'll get it finished tonight but I hope to be back tomorrow. 'Night 'night and sleep tight if your in the same half of the world as me. If not then have a great day and I hope you find a wee bit of time for crafting somewhere.
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