Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flower Project Number 7

Good Sunday Morning Everyone. Lucky last on the flowers for a wee while I think! I put my roses on a trellis as you can see. I had had some cards with window shutters cut in them for ages and hadn't used them so when I was lying awake the other night thinking 'how can I get a trellis effect?' (as you do!) I suddenly remembered them and thought that if I cut the shutters off then I could use them as a trellis. Could I remember where the cards were? Out of bed next morning and straight to them!!! How impressive is that in ALL the stuff I've got??? Cut off the shutters, sponged them brown, joined two together and hey presto a trellis. I sat and made the roses whilst watching the netball yesterday afternoon - AND The Pulse WON!!!!! WooHoo (lots of times). Only the second game they have won in two and a half seasons!!! WELL DONE Girls. Anyway I digress (again). Then last night I put it all together with some nice SU background paper with leaves on, some leaves made from punched circles recut in the circle punch and some curliques made from thin, thin strips of card wrapped around a kebab stick. All done. I'm off to the airport with our younger daughter and her partner shortly. Enjoy what's left of your weekend. I've got a SKYPE date with a schoolfriend in the UK this evening so I'm guaranteed a few laughs there. Have a good week Everyone and thanks for visiting today.

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