Monday, May 10, 2010

Vintage Folder

Hi Everyone- - I'm a bit late again but I've been watching Monday Night Netball. I love it and it was especially good tonight because the two teams I wanted to win did!!! Now there's a change. Add to that an hour long phone call from my Brother-in-Law in the UK and that's why I'm so late with this post. Anyway better late than never my Dad used to say so here it is. I made this a couple of years ago and came across it yesterday when I was looking for something else - as you do - and thought I would post it. I saw the idea in a magazine - as you do - and just loved it. I didn't have anyone to make it for so I just made it anyway - as you do!!! It was so much fun to do and I kept it in with some special things I have and haven't seen it in quite a while. It is nice seeing it again. I hope you like it. Right I'm off to bed as I'm a bit tired. We (Harold and I) got up at 1am again to watch Barbara Gray (one of my favourite stampers as if you didn't know). She was on the craft chanel in the UK and we watch it on the laptop. I can just hear you saying WHAT??? Why would you get up at that hour just for a craft program? Well I can tell you it is SOOOOOOOO worth it. Sad thing is that I can't record it to look at over and over so I have to make quick notes and sketches to remind me of the fabulous things she demos. The program is 2 hours long so we climb back into bed at just after 3am but of course my mind is racing with all the good things I have been watching. Hence I am tired tonight so 'night 'night and I'll be back soon.

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