Monday, May 17, 2010

Survival Kit Enclosed

Hello Everyone and I hope you have all had a good weekend. I certainly did. On Saturday I taught two different classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon at the Sister Act shop on the beautiful Kapiti Coast here in NZ. Lovely ladies, as always and all produced nice cards to go home with. Sunday evening we went to our youngest daughter and her partner's place where they cooked us a beautiful roast dinner and we spent the evening just catching up and chatting. It was lovely and a real treat for me as I never get a meal cooked for me. It was wonderful not to have to think about what to have for tea and then prepare it not to mention the dishes after, although I do quite often get the dishes washed for me(no we haven't got a dishwasher!) Anyway on to a new week and a new blog. A friend is off to Oz this week to attend The Stampin' Up Convention so a couple of us put together this survival kit for her. Inside it contains - a pair of earplugs (in case your room mate snores), 2 pain killers(in case you come across a pain in the b*m)2 bandaids (so you can keep on craftin' if you cut a finger), 3 lollies(for extra energy), a pack of tissues (in case you are reduced to tears) and a travel size shower gel (for a soothing, relaxing shower after a long, hard day's crafting). I hope she gets a giggle out of it and that she has a great time at Convention. Off back to the craft table to make more flowers. Thanks for stopping by today.
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