Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hi again Everyone. Well at last I have a good assortment of flowers, both realistic and fantasy, for my class in August. It has taken me quite a wee while to get them done and be happy with them. For some I have to say thank-you to various ladies out there in Blog Land for their very good tutorials which helped me no end. I did try to take close up photos but mostly they turned out blurry so I will just upload this one. You can always click on it if you want a closer look at any of them. I will just teach the construction of the flowers in my class but I will make a number of different projects embellished with them to show what can be done with them. I will Blog those as I complete them. Busy days ahead as I only have just over three weeks to our departure date and I want them all done before we go so that I don't have that pressure as soon as we return in early August. I still have quite a few birthday cards to make for birthdays whilst we are away too!!! Soooo I'd better say bye and go and get on with something crafty!!! Thanks for taking a look.
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  1. Just fantastic.

  2. Hi elaine - they turn out really well! Susan

  3. Fabulous. I'll be signing up for the class for sure:) Kate