Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get ready for class

Hi Everyone. Well it hasn't rained (yet) this holiday weekend here in Upper Hutt. It hasn't been exactly the great weather they had promised us either but hey be thankful right? I have managed quite a bit of time in the garden and this afternoon the sun DID shine - BONUS!!! Anyway as a result of the gardening I haven't done much in the way of crafting. I have however been getting supplies assembled for my next classes so I thought I would photograph them and show you. These goodies are for the Thingy-Ma-Jig box. It's amazing just how much work goes into preparing a class. The instructions to write, the project to photograph, the materials to measure and cut and assemble all the materials. I then pre-prepare elements so that people are not sitting watching me apply DST etc. You now the thing - . . . and here's one I prepared earlier. They look quite good all together in the photo so I'm glad I did it now. Hope your weekend is going well and all you workers here in NZ enjoy your day off tomorrow.
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