Friday, October 15, 2010

Twas The Night Before . . . . .

Hi Everyone and welcome to the weekend especially those of you who get up early and go out to work all week. I hope the weather is fine so that we can all get out and enjoy life in the fresh air. I am teaching tomorrow morning at Sister Act on the beautiful Kapiti Coast here in New Zealand. We are going to make two different Stepped Cards both with a Christmas theme. I am looking forward to it and I hope my ladies are too. I quickly made this Christmas card tonight so that I can show it to Kate (Sister Act owner) tomorrow. I used two Clarity Stamp images from the 'Twas the night before Christmas series. I think there ar 10 now in all in the series, each with a little bit of the classic poem and an illustration. I have five of them I think. There are two separate stamps here but because the stamps are so wonderfully clear, and the Clarity handles to mount the stamps on to are so wonderfully clear AND easy to hold it is easy to position the images EXACTLY where you want them. Hence this looks like just one image! A couple of people have told me they are having trouble leaving a comment on my Blog. Not sure what's going on. I tried a test comment myself this afternoon and it worked OK so I'm not sure if there is problem or not. I'm sorry if you've had trouble. I always look forward to comments left by people so it will be sad if they arn't getting through. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for taking the time to look.
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  1. This has to be my favourite card! Can't wait till you do this in a class.