Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tea Light Candle Gift

Hi Everyone I have just finished working on my first tea light candle card and I am pretty chuffed with it. Lots of ideas in Blog Land to get you started. I wasn't hopeful of getting lovely scented tea lights here in Upper Hutt but I was very pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I went to the $2 Shop where they had several different flavours. I chose green tea for this particular gift but also got strawberry, rose and lavender for future use. This gift is for a friend's birthday this weekend. You will see from the photos that the insert pulls out and can be used as a bookmark. It was a lovely project to make and there's the added bonus of the perfume from the candles. I had no idea green tea smelt so nice!! My drinks certainly don't smell like that! I hope Lianne likes her gift. Time for me to brush my teeth and jump into bed so I'll say 'night 'night, sleep tight and I'll talk to you tomorrow maybe.

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  1. that is so cool Elaine, I sure she will love it. You always come up with something extra special for everyone. A

  2. Absolutely fabulous Elaine. Great for mother's day perhaps. Love the Christmas Candles also.