Saturday, October 16, 2010

nOel . . . again

Hi again Everyone I had a great group of ladies in class this morning and we had a lot of laughs as we constructed our two different Stepped Cards. Next class is in three weeks which is just as well as I still have to type up instructions!!! Anyway, onto tonight's post. It's another version with the nOel stamp and I think it is just such a neat technique. I saw Barbara Gray demo it on TV last weekend. It is sooo clever to kind of continue the hillside through the hole in the O and then to 'frame' the nOel with a deckle line which makes it look like it is a completely separate piece of card mounted on top of the background piece!!! Clever or what? Right I'm off to have my hot chocolate drink (made by my lovely husband. That's my treat every night about this time. He also brings me a drink in bed every morning! How lucky am I?) and then I'm getting out the laptop and typing up some class instructions. Bye and thanks for looking.
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